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Blog 1

29, 2021

Re: Refer-a-friend

We are thrilled to inform you that we have launched the new Refer-a-friend program.

Please go to and read all the details.

1. The Refer-a-friend program is for a limited time.

2. It starts today: 7/29/2021 and will end on 10/29/2021

3. For a listing referral or buyer referral, MRC will contribute 15% of their commission to the charity of your choice: religion, education, or other charities when the deal closes.

4. The funds will be sent directly to the charity of your choice at closing.

5. The title company will mail or transfer the funds at that time.

6. Tell your family and friends about the program.

7. Time is limited, so hurry!


Waymon Meadows

Mgr. (MRC) Meadows Realty and Construction Co.; LLC

404 Ridgewood Avenue

Dundee, Fl. 33838


Email: [email protected]


Information is believed to be true but not guaranteed

Blog 2

  • Why does MRC give away 15% of its commission to your charity ?
  • Is it because it stops home owners complain that Realtors are charging too much commission?
  • Could it be competition? Florida Realtors® has grown to become the largest professional trade association in the state with about 200,000 members and the third-largest Realtor organization in the country.
  • Perhaps it helps the little guy compete with the gigantic Real Estate Companies.  It helps level the field.
  • Perhaps its to compete with FSBOS and discount brokers?
  • MRC is an innovator, ethical with more dynamic real estate programs than others.  MRC believes there is a better way to give full service.  It helps parents and kids, friends, relatives and others to give to a fund to send their kids to college, and contribute to charities.
  • Philanthropy- the desire to promote the welfare of others, expressed especially by the generous donation of money to good causes.  Helping parents and kids build a school saving account. 
  • The program is simple.  Give a referral to MRC, Meadows Realty and Construction Co.; LLC, at closing the title company  will submit a check directly to your charity for 15% of MRC commission


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